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Moderna has an impressive track record of responding to complex customer requirements in every way.

Moderna is a leading company in the field of fabrics, specialized in providing fabric raw materials.

The process of making fabrics starts from knitting mixed cotton threads according to specifications.


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Wael Othman

Since 1947

On the global automotive industry


The first branch of the company was opened in Cairo in the city of Obour, and it plans to have branches in all governorates of Egypt, and from the price of heading to the African markets



Moderna Textile works in the field of cotton fabrics of all kinds, types and formulations Our history is great for a long time, as we have been one of the companies manufacturing cotton fabrics since 1947, the city of


Safety is one of the highest priorities at Moderna Textile. It is imperative that everyone follow policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and the safety of others around them..

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Occupational safety and health is concerned with the safety of workers, respecting their rights and maintaining a sound work environment. It also helps to protect workers, preserve their health and enhance their ability to perform work, which ultimately serves the interest of the work itself.


Integration can occur in many different industries for companies of different sizes with diverse products and services and we strive to achieve this

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We specialize in cotton fabrics of all kinds. A resort that eats it. It contains the types of composite yarns, which are made of fire, or American and Turkish cotton, and treated by burning the pile with the best types of Swiss and German dyes.

lacoste cotton 01 02 Single Jersey Lycra Cotton 30/1 Cotton material Sinkle 301 full lycra, very high quality Case study → 02 Single Jersey Lycra Cotton 30/1 03 Single Jersey Lycra Cotton 36/1 03 Single Jersey Lycra Cotton 36/1 Premium quality cotton singal 361 lycra material Case study → 01 lacoste cotton Lacoste piqué is one of the best types of cotton Case study → Featured Products

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“Dealing with Moderna has proven to be a great and very easy experience as we can easily look at the options available and then let them go through the selling process.

Mohamed Ahmed

"Great products, excellent quality and competitive prices. They are always responsive and I know I can count on them for delivery."

Sara Ahmed

We have a world-class supply chain that requires an immediate response. Moderna products are available at the highest level and at the best price.

Michael Fouad

“They are a company we can rely on. They are responsive, offer fresh designs and care about the success of our organization. I would recommend them to any user in the textile industry.”

Maher Samir

"They have great service and high quality products and we trust them. We trust them and highly recommend them because they are the best in the fabric industry."

Radwa Hossam